Hi! I'm Lipi Gupta.

I had an adventure this summer in Agra, India trying to make a difference in the lives of 35 young women of Nagla Kharga Village. I'd like to share my experience with you; I hope their stories move you as much as they have inspired me! Thank you for reading and feel free to contact me [by posting a comment/question] if I can be of assistance in any way, in a similar endeavor of yours!

Project SHAKTI was funded as one of 2009's 100 Projects for Peace.

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UPDATE December 2009

  • Preeti, who, on the last day I was in India, worked up the courage in my presence to more forcefully request admission to school despite a small technical issue with her paperwork is now picking up from where she left off in the 4th grade. She is happy.
  • Renu, who learned a lot of sewing during my stay, is not sewing any longer. But, Beenesh, one of the girls who had limited knowledge but still taught others what she knew, has been learning more and more sewing. Her goal before I left was to learn to sew a frock; and in November she did just that. She was ecstatic about it on the phone. 
  • Some girls’ families’ are growing chili on their farm plots in this season.

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